Iowa County Weed Commissioners Association

The Iowa Weed Commissioner’s Association is an organization comprised of County Weed Commissioners and their deputies from Iowa’s 99 counties. Their goal is to promote better weed control in Iowa by: Annually providing pesticide certification training and continuing education to its members; Educating the rural and urban communities of Iowa on noxious weeds and invasive species and the proper use of herbicides; Networking with other professionals in the vegetation management field; Promoting biological or alternative methods of weed control; Expanding their ability to influence and respond to legislation.

2015-2016 Winter Newsletter

Read the latest newsletter for the Iowa Weed Commissioners Association for updates on meetings, continuing education opportunities and issues that pertain to Weed Commissioners.

Why should we worry about invasive plants?

Learn how exotic and invasive species effect other things in your area and the economy.

Links to Forms for Iowa Weed Commissioners

Click Here for Links to the Iowa Weed Commissioners Forms, data entry 2016 Weed Commissioners Certification forms and meeting information.

Invasive Plants to look out for

Visit this link to the Midwest Invasive Plant Network's website, which is dedicated information about upper Midwest Invasive Plant Species